Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Rahul Gandhi unveils PM ambitions to counter Narendra Modi, however, lands up damaging own possibilities

Rahul Gandhi has formally thrown his hat into the ring. On being asked by the media on Tuesday whether or not he has prime ministerial ambitions if Congress emerges because the single-largest party in 2019, he quipped, "Yes, why not"?

It is not stunning that Rahul desires to be prime minister. As a member of India's "first family", the Nehru-Gandhi descendant has been light-emitting diode to believe that the prime minister's chair is his for the taking, and legions of Congress leaders, durbaari media and therefore the entire trustworthy system square measure operating day and night to meet the destiny and birthright of Congress' heritor.
Rahul may not have anybody expertise during an office, he may need light-emitting diode Congress to at least one sorry defeat once another, and there is conjointly the inconvenient matter of Republic of India being a democracy and leaders desperate to get electoral however these problems square measure ostensibly 'insignificant'.
The Congress is moving on all fronts to pave the means for Rahul's initiation. one in every one of its senior leaders (now suspended) is busy explaining to Pakistanis why Narendra Modi is associate aberration associated Indians ought to move and place an finish to that. it would appear a curious strategy for the inexperienced however mysterious square measure the ways that of gods. And Congress.

While there is no surprise in Rahul's 'revelation', the question to contemplate is: Why did Congress' heritor like better to 'come out' straight away, once we square measure simply a number of days far from the day in Karnataka? this is not Lok Sabha polls and Rahul isn’t in fray for the chief minister's job. Why did he repeat currently what he aforementioned last year in Berkeley?

Through his quip (which is certain to be vie up by the media), Rahul aims to pit himself against Modi despite this being associate Assembly election as a result of his strategists sense a vacuum in Congress ranks once it involves absorbing the prime minister. The Congress is publically dismissive of Modi's impact however information and ground reports recommend BJP's star pol is making some type of impact on the bottom. difficult Modi, therefore, is imperative. Rahul appears to be underneath the impression that his makes an attempt to require on the prime minister can gain bigger legitimacy if he's perceived in each respect as Modi's 'equal'.

To better perceive Rahul's motivations, we'd like to require a better verify what is happening in Mysore. The Congress, underneath Siddaramaiah, had a start in candidature associated looked to own an early lead. The chief minister secure 'separate religion' standing to Lingayats and was blithely cornering all headlines. That was before Modi hit the campaign path.

The prime minister has already conducted fourteen rallies until Monday and is slated to handle seven a lot of before campaign ends on ten might. His windstorm tour is creating the Congress nervous as a result of his well-attended rallies square measure setting the terms of the controversy and therefore the Congress is being forced to retort.
There wasn't abundant impact of Modi's rally throughout the last elections. Now, he's visiting as prime minister. I feel there would be an impression either way", UT Khader, state food minister and a Congress candidate from Mangalore body told PTI.
"The Modi juggernaut is cacophonous  through Mysore sort of a loaded missile", wrote Srinivasa Prasad in his article for Firstpost, adding: "Modi has not solely brought the BJP back to the sport however modified the principles of the competition. this can be not enough to bet your last shirt on a BJP success, and there's nothing to recommend that the Congress has turned its tail in anticipation of a defeat. however reports from ground zero and therefore the visual communication of the Congress leaders square measure inform to their utter confusion despite their public bravado".

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